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About us. 

Priority Paediatrics is a group of private Paediatric Emergency Physicians and General Paediatricians working together to deliver the highest level of care as quickly as possible, to the children of Adelaide and South Australia, .

We understand that there are occasions when an urgent appointment with a paediatric doctor is required and it may not be necessary to attend the Emergency Department. At Priority Paediatrics we make that happen by providing a rapid turn around so that the referring GPs questions can be answered promptly and the parents can be put at ease as well.


At Priority Paediatrics our  Paediatric Emergency Specialists and General Paediatricians aim to ease the waiting times at public Emergency Departments by offering urgent appointments to families who would like to be seen privately. We offer fast and accessible appointments with a paediatrician for non-critical issues, via our Rapid Access Team by doctors who also work at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide. For urgent matters, in-clinic appointments ​with our Rapid Access Team are available within 7 days, and Telehealth within 1-2 days, often less.

Appointments are available to patients who have either been referred by their General Practitioner or local Emergency Department. Patients may also elect to self-refer in order to access an appointment quickly. In this case, however, Medicare will not provide a rebate for the cost of the appointment.

In addition to Rapid Access appointments, Priority Paediatrics offers general paediatric appointments, behavioural assessments, developmental paediatrics, Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments, ADHD assessments, and can help with almost all paediatric presentations. 

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