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Priority Paediatrics  Appointments.

At Priority Paediatrics, our paediatricians offer face-to-face consultations at 273 Melbourne street, North Adelaide SA 5006 and will soon offer services at several practices across metropolitan Adelaide. 


Your child’s first appointment will usually last between 40-60 minutes. The doctor at Priority Paediatrics will ask you about the concerns you have and also ask more general questions regarding your child’s health, development and family history. Your child will usually be weighed, measured and examined. The doctor will then discuss their findings with you. At the end of the appointment the doctor may wish to organise further tests as well as assessments by other professionals. We may need to see you again for a follow up appointment once this information has been gathered.

Sometimes parents wish to have a discussion with the doctor without their child present. Should this be the case please arrange for another adult to come with you so that your child can be supervised whilst you talk in private.

If possible please bring your child’s health record (The ‘Blue Book’), especially if your child is under five. Please also bring reports from other professionals and the latest school report if you have them.

Before your appointment at Priority Paediatrics, we recommend that you take some time to prepare.


  • Write down the reason for your visit and your concerns.

  • Write down all the questions you want to ask. 

  • Make a list of any medications your child is taking, including alternative therapies. Include the dose (how much medicine) and how often your child takes it.


After your child's appointment at Priority Paediatrics, the doctor will often send a letter back to your GP outlining their plans for ongoing management.


Your GP can complete a referral and send to us via
Healthlink: drgamage
fax - 08 70898523


We will ask you some questions and offer you our next available appointment. It will be helpful for us to see your GP referral before the appointment, however it is ok to bring it to the appointment with you on the day.


Email us with a brief explanation and we will get back to you within 2 business days.
Image by Gift Habeshaw
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